About me

This blomeg is about my observations with technologies and software project practices. This has led me to interesting technologies as Apache Wicket, Jenkins, Sonar, Domain Driven Design, Brix-CMS and Hadoop.

As a Certified Scrum Master I am also interested how Agile practices transform the workplace and enthusiastically put Agile at work at my current job.


After taking up Java as a programming language in 2002 I soon became fascinated by the large open source ecosystem the Java world is. It is a very dynamic world were not the big corporations dictate the direction of the technology, but anyone with a bright idea.

Another interest is in the software manufacturing process. Agile and Lean as guiding principles for software development rings true for me. They are a summation of experience on software projects and in my daily work I recognize the effects of using or neglecting them. Especially, learning  that software development is an adaptive process to fresh gained insight is a valuable lesson.

Currently, I am working at the Dutch Railroads ‘Nederlandse Spoorwegen’ as a Scrum Master of the Internet Team.

Spare Time

When I am not working or exploring interesting technologies I like to travel with a preference to warm exotic places. I have taken up an old hobby again, windsurfing. It is fantastic to surf again and I hope to improve my skills. Here I post my progress in windsurfing and travel experiences.

Hope you had fun reading my blog,

Haiko van der Schaaf