Artifactory, what a makeover !

I just installed the new Artifactory, 2.0, at home and I must say the improvements in functionality and styling is really topnotch. I have always had Artifactory as maven repository manager as it was easy to setup and to upgrade, but recently I was tempted to try out Nexus as maven repository. The reason for that was Nexus had easier configuration of repositories in the GUI of the application.


Not anymore. In the new version of Artifactory it is also possible to create repositories. The simple yet effective layout is still there and that is for me the big difference with Nexus.

Artifactory uses Wicket as servlet framework and Dojo with Dijit for AJAX. The application is showcase for building Web 2.0 web-applications. Everywhere there are popups on mouseovers or clicking the context-button giving functionality. It really feels like a desktop application. It is also a testimony what one can achieve using Wicket. I moved this month to a new company in Amsterdam where they also develop software with Wicket and I am dying to build some stuff like this. Seeing how it is used in Artifactory is really inspiring. Lot’s of kuddos for the guys at JFrog.

Try it out yourself.