Obama wins and the world celebrates, hope or relief ?

Although I am personally very happy that Obama won the USA elections, I was surprised to learn on CNN that in fact people all over the world from Japan, Europe to Indonesia were celebrating his victory.

For the past months I closely followed the campaign in the news and watched the hilarious The Daily Show with it’s unique way to comment the political news. During that time I became impressed by the ideas from Obama to have a more social society, what still is many miles away from actually a socialist country. Furthermore, I was apalled by the idea that someone like Sarah Palin would get into the White House with her ideas that raped women should carry the baby of the raper.

But I can not believe that everybody in the world was following the elections so closely. My guess is that not only in the USA, but everywhere in the world people just had enough of George W. Bush. That the thought of being rid of him gives reason for joy. I don’t think he is getting nice welcomes when he takes a vacation abroad. It almost make me feel to pity him.

Almost, because I can not forget how the Bush administration totally neglected it’s responsibilities to the world with for instance the environment. No, it is good riddance and hopefully the coming years the USA government don’t act if they are alone on this planet.