Need for speed:Salvador da Bahia

After enyoing our last day at the beach in Natal, we headed for the airport to catch our domestic flight to Salvador da Bahia. Everything went very smoothly apart from a small delay of the flight. We dozed off during the flight in comfortable chairs and saw a magnificient view of lights in the dark from houses and streets outlining the ‘Baia de Todos os Santos’ just before landing.

 We landed at half past nine in the evening. Because we were tired from swimming and surfing we decided we could afford ourselves the luxury of a taxi to bring us to our ‘pousada’, Pousada da Azul. Well, luxury is not really the word for the half hour of racing through the streets of Salvador. The taxi driver was not aware of the speed signs for 80 km/h along the road, or choose to neglect them.
With 110 km/h we speeded on the highway in a chaotic traffic, passing cars on the left, then on the right, up a ramp, down a ramp, going through curves using both lanes and braking the final moment for a red traffic light.

So after half of an hour in this rollercoaster experience, too groggy to scream ‘calma, calma !!’ to the driver, we arrived full awake at our very nice pousada, suprised there were no blazing trail of accidents behind us.